Monorail Trespassing

[mt102cs] LXV – ‘Witness/Recall’ C28
1From Philadelphia comes a much needed, refreshing take on digital sound art composition. LXV reminds us of the glory days of the early Mego scene, injecting a raw edginess into what has become an otherwise sterile medium. Under buzzing synthesis, snippets of familiar culture and dialogue are caught and sent back into the shredding DSP tornado. At the core of it all is a human element, an ear for texture, timbre and composition that is lacking from most contemporary work in this field. Edition of 125, Full color covers and labels.

[mt103cs] Scant – ‘Wake of Dissolution’ C20
2Main man Matt Boettke — Baltimore by way of Richmond, VA, man about the East Coast. Dark hallucinations of metallic resonance swirl through a brick wall of thick and impenetrable sub bass oscillation. A haunting aura looms. Your subconscious knows you all too well. Edition of 125, Full color covers and labels.

[mt104cs] Gene Pick – ‘Separate Control’ C16
3Baltimore’s golden boy. Self-designed systems create cycles of brief, crunchy, sputtering blasts of frequency patterns that use the building blocks of noise and early electronic music towards something unique and individual, to the future. Salute. Highest recommendation. Edition of 125, Full color covers and labels.


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