No Part of It

100_0132And after months of debacle after debacle since April, and 6 years of dilly dallying with other labels, I finally have presentable copies of the Blood Rhythms LP ASSEMBLY. This is co-released with RRRECORDS, who will have copies next week. 100 copies have inimitable hand made/ collaged cover art by Ron Lessard, with material entirely from medical books, and 100+ copies have hand made / collaged / assembled covers from all kinds of hardware store / found detritus of mine. Many copies have been pre ordered since there was such a delay, and the covers were done ahead of time. A couple people framed them as mantle pieces! Ron’s copies are $15 postage paid in USA, and mine are $23 ppd. Outside of USA should probably just contact RRR or refer to my most recent post on the matter of international shipping.

1002 Montrose Ave Box 130
Chicago ILL 60613 USA