Collin McKelvey – ‘The Nolan’ CDr
The latest album from Bay Area sound artist Collin McKelvey. The Nolan is a reference to the Neapolitan philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548 – 1600), an early proponent of free thought and critical inquiry. Celebrated for his cosmological theories which went beyond the then new and unpopular Copernican heliocentric model, proposing that the stars were distant suns with their own rotating planets, and moreover the possibility that these planets could foster life. He was exiled multiple times and eventually put to death by the Catholic Inquisition for his beliefs in Astronomy and the Art of Memory, being turned in by a Venetian aristocrat who had tricked him in coming back to Venice. The Nolan comprises of five pieces, documenting McKelvey’s output from 2013-2014. His work investigates the relationship between phonography and synthesized sound; utilyzing field recordings, granular synthesis, computer synthesis, and modular synthesis. Two of the pieces were originally composed to accompany film and video. Edition of 50.


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