I Had An Accident

Radius – ‘Time Travel Is Real (A Prelude To Japan…)’ C30 $6
radiussmallRadius is the legendary jet setter from across the States. In “Time Travel Is Real (A Prelude To Japan…) Radius takes the listener on a journey – through time and space, with jazzy beats and loops that roll smooth and delicate. Created as an ode to a future trip (now in the past) to Japan, the album resonates the sound of free form improvisation. The loose constructions collide and form into beautiful beats and inspirational sounds.  “I created an album to promote the journey & also to give thanks to the many that have supported and inspired me on my travels & shows etc. This project was finished in my current “home”, Oahu, Hawaii. All tracks were created within Chicago, St. Louis (One For Ferguson) & Honolulu. I hope that it serves as an inspiration to all those that listen. Supreme full circle energy reflection is the key. Stay strong & keep creating and pushing YOUR dreams to REALITY. Thanks for your support. Much respect. Enjoy and see you soon.

Manofue Wurdz – ‘Head Change’ C22 $6
headchangesmallCrate digger Manofue Wurdz from the south side of California produces “Head Change.” Filled with slowed jams and table twisting beats, the head nodder emotes chilled and relaxed sounds. We are rolling way back, Manofue Wurdz has a style of old school mixed with contemporary tendencies and the result will literally change your head. Straight down to the psyched out vibe of the art, Manofue Wurdz is timeless. Roll one up lay back and feel this tape run through your soul. Limited to 60 “barney purple” cassettes.


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