Bezoar Formations

Rick Weaver – ‘The Perfect Man’ CS
Weaver – of Form A Log, of Dinner Music, of numerous other fine outfits and projects – delivers a set of hallucinatory tiki-infused lounge psychedelia. A mixture of disoriented keyboard tickling, strange ballads to unknown dimensions, pop songs that aren’t quite “pop” or “songs”. This tape is the soundtrack to Weaver’s video piece of the same name.

Radiant Husk – ‘Deflation Basin’ CS
There isn’t much saxophone on this one, or at least not in the way it used to be on earlier releases. Now the horn is buried in tape, slowed down, stacked, fogged. Plenty of field recordings and faux field recordings. Way too many heady hard pans. Semi-‘electronic’ sounds, loops that do their own work, woozy environments, etc. It’s a new realm of some kind, at least for now…


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