Yerevan Tapes

URNA – ‘Cauchemar’ C40
yUrna is the solo project of Italian artist and musician Gianluca Martucci. His paintings have been ending up on the album covers of bands such as Kinit Her. As Urna he has been releasing limited CDRs and tapes since the early 2000s on labels like Brave Mysteries, Angst and Marco Corbelli’s Slaughter Productions among others. His music can be described as an impressively atmospheric dark/ritual ambient, one continuum where acoustic instruments and vocals create a thick mist to get lost into. After his recent collection Arkaikon (Pestilentiae Templum), Yerevan Tapes is thrilled to release Cauchemar, a four-song cassette focused on the nightmare dimension. No wonder that for the first time here Martucci is adding a bass to his sonic creations, an instrument well known for its low, disturbing frequencies that properly reflect the feeling of everlasting oppression Urna wanted to deliver with these new tracks. This way Cauchemar stands as an exorcism against these nightmares that haunt the artist’s mind. Comes on grey tape cassette with artwork by Silvia Anhayt. Limited edition of 100 copies.


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