Voluntary Whores

HgM – ‘Martensite’ C30
CoverWhenever there is an interesting process in metallic reactions prone to produce sound in the more obvious or rather totally unobvious way, noise enthusiast HgM “(H)organismo.(g)ravemente.(M)alato” from Italy starts an experiment to record certain reactions and processes. The result shows always a very alienating and totally different listening experience. In his recent contribution to our label he collects several works he has recorded over the last years. A very interesting world between field recordings and noisy drones is spread over two golden C-30 chromedioxid tapes, housed in a foil with a warning sticker (yes, these cassette shells flake and wear off over time!) and embedded in a high quality oversized cartonage 4c cover and a rusty metallic object. Limited to 42 copies.


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