femme – ‘alors elles acceptèrent les poisons synthétiques’ 5€
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2nd opus. a sunday trip in an electronic forest. included some non-hidden emotions. crackling, crawling, contradictory informations. neuronal broken connections. the fauna and flora from 2080.

odilo es – ‘intime’ 5€
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1st release for your surprise pleasure. post-industrial in the heart. french in the way. synthesizers, vocals, sound generators. 20 minutes / 4 mouvements / an angry iron fist menacing a darky sky.

krapoola/miguel a. garcia/lee noyes – ‘trehhlasb andng nmer’ 5€OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAinternational collab. a super mysterious title for an electronic promenade full of pitchfalls. feedbacks, voices, sine waves, contact mics, digital noise etc. some kind of rollercoaster within integrated circuits. 40 minutes to make your synthetic life elastic for ever.


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