Shaking Box Music

Bitter Fictions – ‘Derelict Drift’ C48 $6
bf-derelictcover-100X100Derelict Drift is Bitter Fictions’ fifth album on Shaking Box, collecting seven pieces performed, recorded, and produced by Devin Friesen in his own Library Basement studio throughout June and September 2014. Tape loops and other samples feature throughout, pushing the music into even further ‘out’ destinations, guitar that doesn’t always sound like guitar lighting the way. “Return II” develops a progression from 2013’s quickly sold out Journeying & The Returns lathe record, gradually reworking a melodic run as one piece of a larger tape & feedback layering tapestry. “Mirror Bay” floats between finger picking and more synth-oriented textures, while the fifteen minute centerpiece of “Dream Negation / Catalogue” is a loosely structured set that was first prepared and debuted opening for Japanese noise godfather Merzbow in Calgary this past May.

D.F. – ‘Snowshell (expanded)’ CD $8
df-cd-100x100An expanded reissue of Devin Friesen’s feedback & tape decay record Snowshell, originally released Feb. 2014 in a quickly sold out edition of twenty-five 10” lathe cut records. This CD packages the three lathe tracks with Tape Decay Works (winter 13/14), collecting an hour of sound nicely packaged in a full color, four-panel sleeve. Thick stretches of feedback-addled tape loops and damaged guitar, further muddied by analog decay processing and cheap cassette mixing. Drum machines leave further mildew stains on “Down Way Low” and the weighty “Return of the Raiders”, while otherwise lighting the way through the bleak stretches of “Bamboo Murder City”. Dance music for being totally cold and empty, just a hollow drag. Just in time for winter.

Ashley Soft – ‘Take Heart/Give Heart’ C26 $6
ashleysoft-takeheart-100x100Debut recording from Clarke MacLeod’s new band Ashley Soft. Take Heart / Give Heart was (mostly) recorded at hotel2tango in Montreal, QC, during a rather tumultuous spring in 2013, but details don’t need to be more public than that. Innately familiar yet satisfyingly out of step with many of today’s ‘indie rock’ guitar bands. Joey Taylor (who drummed with MacLeod in Bikeland several years back) comes up with deceptively intricate drum patterns for Clarke and his older brother Dave to play over, intertwining 90s Chapel Hill-esque guitar candy with wry hooks. A new lineup of the band has since formed, and is recording its debut EP with Chris Dadge (Lab Coast, Bug Incision) in Calgary this winter.


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