Monorail Trespassing

[mt99cs] Mlehst – ‘Cunt Trouble’ C30
mt99csCrucial material from legendary British composer All Brentnall, the first since his return after a long absence to meld elements of his past and present digital and analog approaches while retaining his compositional trademarks. Dark, surrealist sound collage with a perverted sexual undercurrent and a twist of sinister humor. Very honored to release this material from a longtime favorite. Edition of 100, artwork by Shannon A. Kennedy (Nephila, Pedestrian Deposit).

[mt101cs] Lettera 22 – ‘Subsequent Teeth’ C32
mt101csThe Italian duo of Matteo Castro and Ricardo Mazza is just one of a few working practitioners taking noise music forward by fusing elements of mid-2000’s harsh noise worship and early musique concrète while picking up some contemporary digital composition and sound collage techniques along the way. Tracks from 2011 and 2013, rich with detail and intention; never a dull moment. Highly recommended. Edition of 100, black and white artwork.


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