L. White

LW076 SEKTION B – ‘Holy Land in Flames’ 3”CD 8€
3 new tracks with a length of around 20 minutes dedicated to the holy land and all the problems there! 3” CD lim. 50 / special box release with some holy land extra inserts. inserts: -a black satin Kippa -a small wooden Dreidel -a small plastic Mezuzah -some Israelian and Palaestinian stickers -a cut piece of a Palaesitian cloth -some pieces of original Israelian newspapers -nice Jewish confetti -a original empty bullet -a small zip bag with original salt from the Dead Sea and a printed photo collage from the SEKTION B travel to the holy land in 2009.

To the 35th anniversary and dedicated to SACHER-PELZ himself (1979/2014). SACHER-PELZ has returned back. But maybe he never went away. From the depths of the more radical and dark sonic experimentation here resurface a systematic arrangement composed of magmatic and hypnotic sounds. The listener will be fascinated by them, as long as he will free his mind and heart by the unnecessary weight proposed by the modern mass media and embraces the freedom of the post-industrial neuro-modular average.


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