Imminent Frequencies

TVE – ‘Profuse, Comfortless and Antique’ C20
Edition of 100. A key figure among the burgeoning Worcester, Massachusetts noise scene, Seamus R. Williams crafts crude electro-acoustic sound collage made of murky tape loops and low-end electronics. Profuse… emits a cavernous sound of static debris, magnetic atmospherics and barren frequencies that all shift in unison.

ANNE-F JACQUES – ‘dans l’herbe’ C24
Edition of 100. Montreal-based sound artist Anne-F Jacques utilizes the possibilities of degraded technology and incidental sound to create mechanical resonances out of tape assemblage, rotation devices, and DIY amplification systems. With an emphasis on technology versus nature, dans l’herbe centers on the mechanical rumble, field recordings and discarded sounds of the current industrial age.

Edition of 100. Ulrich Krieger is a German-born saxophonist and composer notable for his involvement in the groups Text of Light and Metal Machine Trio. His work involves what he calls ‘acoustic electronics’ or amplified acoustic instruments processed through effects and feedback loops. Cycles ranges from saxophone-controlled feedback walls of free-noise to the meditative sounds of sine waves.


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