I Had an Accident

DenMother – ‘Passion Is Seldom The End’ C32 $6
passionsmallIn another world, the whispered loops, the delicate tenderness, the soft touch of DenMother’s vocals are pieced so elegantly together with spaced sounds, synth drones, and the longing for something unreal. Its not to be seen as a fantasy, but a reverie that rises from the heart. Passion Is Seldom The End shows DenMother alone, uninhibited, and ready to embrace the world ahead. The adventure begins with soothing tones, somber drums and a voice that cuts deep. Her minimalist approach to art presents an organic album limited to 44 butterscotch cassettes. Most contain red hubs, although a very few have black hubs.

Lakeside Summer Homes – ‘Inside And Under The Skin’ C32 $6
lakesidesmallLakeside Summer Homes is the side project collaborative of Marjen and marcjacobsmodel. The two developed lush loops and downtempo beats that encapsulate the best moments of each artist. Inside And Under The Skin features 30 minutes of beautiful crafted sound. The softness of the album creates an airy disposition and composed nature. A cool chilling release. Limited to 50 pale blue cassettes.

ThiNXx – ‘All By Myself’ C40 $6
thinxxsmallAll By Myself is the solo album of South African hip hop / rapper ThiNXx. Composing home-made beats and introspective lyrics, ThiNXx raps and rhymes in a old school hip hop way. Completely underground, the style of beats bounce with the vocals. “ABMS” is a multi-themed offering of tracks crossed with instrumentals to convey the journey of isolation in the life of an artist dedicated to focusing on one’s goals earnestly, and not being swayed despite various distractions and hindrances along the way. Limited to 40 red tint c40 cassettes.


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