OSR Tapes

OSR26 Hartley C. White – ‘This Is Not What You Expect’ LP
compilation of material from Queens musician and martial artist Hartley White’s first four self-released albums.

OSR25 Blanche Blanche Blanche – ‘Hints To Pilgrims’ LP
The final album by BBB.OSR24 Chris Weisman – ‘Monet In The 90s’ LP
recorded in 2009 , released 2014.

OSR27 Ruth Garbus – ‘Joule’ 7″
home recorded songs of the highest order !

OSR28 CE Schneider Topical – ‘Look Who Showed Up Out Here’ CS
debut album of the twisted freaks.

OSR23 Jimmie Packard – ‘A Time To Look Back’ CS
first public release of standards multitracked on homemade guitars during the 1970s by an outrageously prolific luthier , teacher & recordist from Wilder , Vermont.

OSR22 Palberta – ‘Shitheads In The Ditch’ CS
Palberta’s second album!

OSR21 The Dream Scene – ‘New Emotions’ cassingle
new paper airplane from the Godfather.

OSR20 Ed Askew – ‘Rainbow Bridge’ CS
recorded 1999 , released 2014.

OSR19 Moth Eggs – ‘Recursive Surfing’ CS
ex-Happy Jawbone Family Band , Goochi Boiz . amazing free punk recordings!

OSR18 ‘Music On A Tape: Songs by Chris Weismancompilation CS
50+ musicians from all of the world cover songs by generally unknown songwriting master Chris Weisman.

OSR17 Ian Kovac Jr Jr – ‘You’ll Know It When You Feel It’ CS
ex-Guerilla Toss , current The Channels jazzman’s Tascam home recordings.

OSR16 Kateboard – ‘That’s Not A Helicopter’ CS
how did they make it?


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