[INV003] SECRET SOUTH – ‘Retrospectral’ 3″CDr 4.6€
RS_front_cover_100pxSecret South is a solo project of J. Kemp, one half of the cult cyberpop/IDM duo Flatline Skyline. On Retrospectral, the second album and first physical release of Secret South, Kemp delivers an immersive blend of ambiented folk and haunted americana, still blessed by his distinctive and emotive voice. If it seems at first that machines are completely shut down here, subtle synth lines and electronic crackles on the edge of spectral drones quickly remind us who we are dealing with : also a sci-fi writer and philosopher, Kemp has managed to infuse both futuristic and meditative tones in this music. On Retrospectral, machines are ghosts over post-apocalyptic lands. This is future folk, songs about the past we are living now.


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