Sloow Tapes

Bart De Paepe – ‘Rhode’ C40
Big fuzzwah jams by Sylvester Anfang II and Innercity member. Endless guitarsolo’s, primitive drums and space harmonium. Keep on keeping on. Edition of 70 copies.

Piero Heliczer – ‘you coul(d) hear the snow dripping and falling into the deers mouth’ C30
Underground filmmaker, publisher and poet Piero Heliczer (1937-1993) was one of the seminal figures in the New York magical scene of the sixties which also included Angus Maclise, Ira Cohen, Jack Smith, The Velvet Underground etc. His poetry is rich with images of visionary inner landscape journeys with traces of medievalism, surrealism, British 17th century metaphysical poets, the beats etc. Most of his books were self-published on his own the dead language press which he founded in the late fifties. This is the only reading of Piero Heliczer we managed to track down. Edition of 100 copies.

Rambling Boys – ‘True To Blue’ C50
Psychedelic blues jams by Finnish legend Keijo & co. Lost Mississippi vibes from the mysterious Finish woods. Guess there’s still some dwarfs high on reindeer piss hiding somewhere in here. Edition of 80 copies.

Village Of Spaces – ‘Gathering’ C40
From the deep woods of Maine comes this zoned acid folk combo spinning around the core duo of Daniel Beckman and Amy Moon and featuring members of Big Blood, Ancestral Died, Caethua among others. Stoned rural vibes extracted to their essence, es


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