I Had an Accident

Work – ‘Wolves’ C33 $6
worksmallCultivated from the heavy heat and time spent between Task (birdlikebats) in New York and Evak1 somewhere south of Houston; “Wolves” WORK finally offers us a follow up to “All That Is Solid Melts.” Wolves features a wild pack of guest vocalists, boiler room beats, and harrowing raps slammed together and pounded out the stereo like beers after a hard day. Work is putting it in, a workman’s craft – at the bottom of hip hop’s ivory tower are the bricklayers crafting the foundation, sweat dripping from brow as their raps hurl through the stale air, the beats crush and push hard. Chew them up, the Cleaver League, Babelfishh, James P Honey, Perseph1, Mildew, and Beastmaster join in on vocals to the broken beats and classic hip hop stylings. Limited to 150 green hand-stamped cassettes.

Seez Mics – ‘Cruel Fuel’ C39 $6
seezsmallReleased by Crushkill Recordings on CD and digital, I had An Accident were fortunate enough to manufacture the cassette version. Limited to 100 copies, Cruel Fuel perpetuates the lyrical and poetic skills of Seez Mics. Featuring traditional hip hop influences and insightful lyrics of a darker place with a matter-of-fact style and uniqueness of voice. “Cruel Fuel” features production by beat-box extraordinaire Max Bent as well as appearances by DJ Abilities and KRISTOFF KRANE. The quality production compliments Seez Mics lyrical progression.


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