Goaty Tapes

Casual Junk zine
6fc0764a-ea4f-4e69-a6a1-aa28737c1d43Casual Junk is a fanzine/publication written by me, Zully Adler, with contributions from: Breakdance the Dawn, Mad Nanna, Tracey Trance, Son of Salami, Russian Tsarlag, Orphan Fairytale, and Sea Urchin. The book is separated into chapters for each band, which combine interviews, observation, images, theories and commentary. Each chapter pivots around a theme, but also dwells on funny stories and strange possessions, pulling peripheral junk out of the bands’ personal lives and probing them for particularity. I make a loose argument for how the atmospheric details of amateur recording give this music a peculiar intimacy, transforming how I listen into an inquisitive and relational activity. Topics include Dodgers baseball, dead suburbs, hama beads, garbage and the intoxication of daily life. Each copy comes with a c90 cassette compilation and a keychain made out of garbage. Stencil-printed on sugar paper and perfect-bound. 84 pages (14 color).

Banana Head – ‘Phones the Public’ C46
ebaeef60-7f15-4ec4-a399-0e1b54388b7f“Phones the Public” holds pop music between two pairs of fingers and twists it. I try to mingle my favorite Crooner themes: melancholy, arrogance, eroticism, aggression and all the other ambivalent zones of young manhood. Vocals move between dejected baritones and naughty whispers; guitar laments transition into gushy electro r&b. Doleful refrains and low-end repetition dipped in the nimbus of my shitty digital interface.


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