NOOSPHERTILIZER 4-way split 2xC60 
HQ home printed & assembled artwork in side-by-side norelco case. Home dubbed in real time. The Big Drum In The Sky Religion, Gods of the Dead (Geoffrey Sexton & Frank Baugh), Tired Light, and Dmitri Zherbin. A small variety of analogous abstract and challenging 30 minute deposits. Some scorching, some deep digging, some nostalgic dreaming. Tired Light (US) provides a number of guitar based pieces, ambient & thoughtful. Intimate, rural, moving guitar-to-tape sculptures with occasional touches of field recording & alternate texture. Bowing techniques with reverbs and carefully dialed in effects bring about introspective moods pleasing to be lost in. BDSR (Virginia, US) does most of the scorching, with free form guitar noise and chaotic drums rooting into and separating portions of brain. Notions of ancient cultures, metaphysics, and self-awareness initiatives are juxtaposed with the now of electricity-propelled high volume sounds of abused stringed instrument funneled through microphones into storage media. Dmitri Zherbin (Helsinki, Finland) uses a distinctive technique of collage with (what is likely) a primitive cassette recorder, producing a warm varyingly-overdriven audio patina.  Through this veil is heard clustering tones from often indecipherable instruments and soundmakers. The feeling of the product is personal, nostalgic, hypnogogic. Beautiful strangeness evoking obscured meaningful formative memories, among other obscurities of life. Gods of the Dead (Los Angeles/Tennessee, US) drone toward visions of dystopian ruin and organic degradation, more similar to Geoffrey Sexton’s solo releases than those of Sparkling Wide Pressure. This is their first release together under this name. A variety of strange soundmakers and manipulations are utilized for a 30 minute shifting texture bog of eerie darkness.

NOOSPHERTILIZER – ‘II’ 4-way split 2xC60
HQ home printed & assembled artwork in side-by-side norelco case. Home dubbed in real time. Homogenized Terrestrials, Nigel Samways, Arma & Refusenik, and Gushing Cloud. Homogenized Terrestrials’ contribution is a dark exploration of a long deserted virtual reality, glitching and threatening to either explode itself into something overwhelmingly different or to drop out of existence entirely. Thoroughly alien feelings articulated by softwares and hardwares of the future we are living in. Nigel Samways’ 30 minutes takes the listener to cinematically sculpted emotional areas, and brings imagined spaces and times to life. Remarkable manipulations of various sounds. Wise usage of synthesizers. Perfectly chosen combinations of texture. High caliber science fiction ambient music; beautiful, strange, transporting. Arma & Refusenik deeply explore synth sound palettes, offering bizarre feelings and tone layerings. Some playing, some meditating, some frights, some anthill chaos of colliding frequencies. Bemused explorations of synthesizer sound banks and possibilities of spontaneous composition. The two are seeking the weirdest fruits from the synths in the largest quantity possible, and they’ve provided a prodigious basketful of fortuitous electric intersections. Gushing Cloud ruminates on moody beats, shattering and super-gluing them with dada-formed laptop computer technologies made in the 1960s and buried under a pile of moldy vinyl in the crawlspace of a house in rural Illinois. Mid-tempo head-nodding rhythms erupt and flicker among a din of skittering psychiatric research sound-play.


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