Outer Realms

Simon Magus – ‘I Traded Virginity for Vice’ C32 $5
virginity for vice resizeNewest release from Simon Magus.  Dense waves of distortion drenched feedback, pulsating synths, and chattering buzzing textural electronics fill the tape.  These two recordings were performed live in Lansing, Michigan.  The sounds swirl and buzz in crescendos always on the edge of control with the constant threat of spilling over. OR002 Edition of 12 + download

Poppenheimer – ‘Karmageddon’ C32 $5
karmageddon resizeFresh sounds from Poppenheimer.  Improvised, down tempo, solo guitar and analog synth rhythmic explorations that drift between empty minimalism and heavy walls of sound.  The two tracks were improvised live in Lansing, Michigan.  This tape is more tonal than most “noise music”, but still firmly in the world of freely improvised out-there compositions. OR003 Edition of 12 + download.


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