Silken Tofu

Pacific 231 & Bardoseneticcube – ‘The Traditions Of Changes’
CD packaged in a luxurious 6-panel A5 folder with silk touch finish and UV varnish. Limited edition of 300 copies. This is stx.25. Collaborative composition in 6 movements, a modern re-interpretation of Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis”. Psychedelica, field recordings and abstract electronics create a ‘New Language’ by dint of colliding utter chaos and with a slippering affect from quietness

stx.28 GUNFIREORCHESTRA – ‘Unstable’
Pro-duplicated tape with 4-colour insert. Limited edition of 200 copies. This is stx.28. Three musicians with a background in jazz embark on an experimental guitar and feedback improvisation, ranging in sound from subtle and sparse minimalism to full-on noisy dissonance.

stx.32 Last Dominion Lost – ‘Towers Of Silence’
LP (140gr black vinyl) with an A4 insert. Limited edition of 300 copies CD jewel case. Limited edition of 300 copies This is stx.32. Ten years after “The Tyranny Of Distance”, finally the 2nd album by this Australian old-school industrial ensemble consisting of Jon Evans, John Murphy & Julian Davis Percy with brand new recordings from 2013/2014

stx.23 various artists – ‘Epicurean Escapism I
CD + DVD + 24-page art catalogue, packaged in a luxurious 6-panel A5 folder printed on matt image paper with dispersion varnish Limited to 350 copies This is stx. 23. Including a CD with new and exclusive tracks by IRM, JARL, ANEMONE TUBE & HUMAN LARVAE and KRANK, a DVD with selected video work by MARTIN BLADH and a 24-page catalogue with essays & artwork by MARTIN BLADH

stx.31 CON-DOM – ‘We Who Were Living Are Now Dying’ DVD
DVD in a digipack with high quality 400 chromolux paper Includes woven patch with Con-Dom logo Limited to 222 copies This is stx.31 A collection of super-8 short films and experimental movies created by Mike Dando from the 1980s to early 1990s, digitally restored in 2013.


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