I Had an Accident

Shitao – ‘Sunday’ C26 $6
shitaosmallFrench beatmaker from Paris, Shitao is somber and cinematic. Sunday flows like a film soundtrack, weaving between dark emptiness to beat driven progression and downtempo piano pieces. The sampling bridges movements and moments together and juxtaposes cinematic scenes with smoke filled nights against a broader orchestra of instruments. The music tells a story and carries the listener with the sounds and tempo. Sunday was originally self-released digitally in 2013. This marks its first time on cassette, limited to 50 yellow cassettes that features the same music on both sides.

Valance Drakes – ‘Memories Of Yesterday’ C10
memoriessmallProducer Valance Drakes from London England is known for his surreal experimentalism and turntable styles that create sound sculptures with texture and layer. Memories Of Yesterday furthers the sentiment of glitches out beats and very realistic effects that drawn the listener in with broken sounds and a gripping atmosphere. Warped sounds are featured within the beats that seem to want to break loose of a vortex of scratching and modular synth waves that bend and warble. The almost 10 minutes of sound stretch the tape and loop back together for repeat enjoyment. Limited to 100 aqua cassettes.

Perkin Warbek/marcjacobsmodel – ‘ihaa After Party’ C20
afterpartysmallPerkin Warbek and marcjacobsmodel were given the same 7 songs from the ihaa back catalog and asked to recreate a 10 minute track only using these songs. The remix mashup heavy album features two very distinct approaches as both artists distort and layer the original tracks into their own material. Perkin Warbek masters the building and layering of these tracks, allowing moments of absolute bliss fold into distortion. Warbek constructs the tracks, takes clips and creates a new track with the loops he creates. marcjacobsmodel on the other hand does less dicing and reconstructing as he fades and distorts the original tracks in a much more “mash up” style. Allowing multiple tracks build on one another and run into each other, clashing and collaborating together into 10 minutes of confusion and chaos. Limited to 30 clear cassettes.


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