LUCIERNAGA – ‘Tile’ C47 $3
The new limited edition Luciernaga release contains 5 new pieces on Side A and a side-long 22.5 minute shruti box loop on Side B, ideal for meditation or conjuring. It comes packaged in an uncoated white brad-pack and each copy is hand-numbered. Luciernaga is the project of Joao Da Silva, one half of Brooklyn-based independent experimental label Fabrica Records. Luciernaga’s music has been described as more surreal than ethereal, dark and somber. Luciernaga tends to bypass melody in favor of complex layers of sounds and textures created through processed field recordings, treated acoustic/electric guitar, buddha machine, tibetan signing bowl, shruti box, mbira and voice. Edition of 20 home-dubbed (each copy is subjected to quality control before being shipped out) 47 minute long cassettes.


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