UVESEN – ‘III’ C44 $7
UVESEN_100PXPro-duped, encased in plaster bandages. Pull black tab slowly and hear. Uvesen is a Norwegian duo of percussionist Børre Myklebust and the highly prolific Andreas Brandal who has been releasing challenging and transcendental music since 1994, racking up hundreds of releases over several projects. With Uvesen the two embark upon free-improv psych experimentation of the highest order. Deep majick drones and wild aural landscapes. Abstract, percussive textures and bowed strings mingle with wild freak-folk dances and expansive electric guitar. This music is such a beast it had to be encased it in plaster for your safety.

Reverend Moon – ‘Coyote Gospels’ C44 + book $13/C44 $7
REVEREND_MOON_100PXC44 cassette tape 20 page 5×8 perfect-bound lyric book. 1-inch “coyote pyramid” insignia pin and 3x illustrated lyric cards in linen bag. 1 full colour fold-out poster of cougars riding on the backs of bears. Download code included. (Another 25 copies available as cassette/download only). REVEREND MOON is Jakob Rehlinger of Toronto-based psychedelic space-rock band Moonwood and founder of the Arachnidiscs Recordings label. Over the past 20 years the Reverend has been slowly working on Coyote Gospels, an album of 13 songs of ersatz-praise and upside-down faith. The song cycle was born in the manger of university poetry workshops beginning in 1994. It grew into an awkward adolescence at the dawn of the millennium when Rehlinger suffered a nervous breakdown and was paid for his trouble in what he called several “dark prophecies” in the form of visions. These hallucinatory cosmic messages from beyond are recounted in the songs “A Message for You”, “Black Sun Rising” and “Old Graves” — wherein animals reclaim the Earth from humans. Since 2007 Rehlinger has been polishing these heretical-hymns and pseudo-psalms over several demo versions before setting out to record them in earnest beginning in 2012. Limited to 25 copies.

Moonwood – ‘Hexperience’ C60 $6
MOONWOOD_100PXLive mixtape: 2012-2014. Improvised segments extracted from live performances. Deep, heavy, drone-infused jams never played before or since. Tribal rhythm, Eastern tonality and fuzzy Western wah-wah. All would have been lost to time if not for the vigilant recordists. Captured at various Toronto psych zones over two years.

TOTENBAUM100PXHigh bias tape, transparent red shells, fold-out poster and stamped edition cards featuring art by Lenny P. Robert, packaged in a translucent red envelope. Two projects by Montreal drone guitarist and composer Dominic Marion on one tape. With Totenbaum Träger he explores sometimes blissful, sometimes harsh guitar drones and noir-ambient spaces. A post-rock soundtrack for a lost David Lynch film. The chamber trio Projet Muet travel similar roads to both Totenbaum Träger and his other outlet Mad/Mod, but to different destinations and by different modes of transportation. Projet Muet rides waves of minimalist harmony on a raft woven from free-jazz and experimental no-wave. Churning, industrial thrum mix with meditative drones and zentropic bells.

Téléphone Maison – ‘Toujours Partout’ C40 $7
TELEPHONE_MAISON_100PXFoil sealed cassette boxes with stamped enveloped and numbered insert cards. The solo project of Alexis Maurice Brien of the Jeunesse Cosmique collective (Ylang Ylang, A Sacred Cloud, Hazy Montaigne, etc), Téléphone Maison is a rabbit sized electronic k-hole of psychedelic world pop. He takes the sound of the house band at some Bartertown disco and warps the grooves through a Neuromancer lens. Features contributions by YlangYlang and Eddie Wagner. The cassette comes sealed in adhesive foil for maximum freshness.

TRANZMIT – ‘Übertragung’ C50 $7
TRANZMIT_UBER_100PXTransparent blue shell, download includes two bonus tracks. THIS CASSETTE ALBUM IS INTENDED TO BE EXPERIENCED ALONE, IN THE DARK, WITH HEADPHONES. EBM sound collage audioscapes meet darkly psychedelic hip-hop constructions. All sounds and voices sourced from the internet. Tones created on web-based virtual synths, samplers, sequencers and drum machines.

RILLINGEN_100PXWhile the city the rumbles with the subterranean boom of frost-quakes, RILLINGEN (meaning “Shivers” or “Chills” in Dutch) burrows deep into a frozen landscape of trembling souls, burning themselves to keep warm as they freeze to death in an orgy of winter ecstasy. On this hour-long polar vortex of solo electric guitar improvisations, BABEL‘s more lyrical side returns to join the percussive, extended techniques of the previous two EPs—HEURTER and STURM und DRANG—bringing two halves of BABEL into one cohesive whole.

Ross Baker/Tranzmit – ‘Arachnidiscs Split Tapes Series Vol. 10’ C60 $7
ROSS_BAKER100PXThe final two sides in Arachnidiscs’ split tape series. One hour of dystopian soundscapes. SIDE 19 — ROSS BAKER: Terra Incognita. Soundtracking the countless distant landscapes and buildings glimpsed momentarily during 28 years of car, bus and train journeys. Sprawling farm and forest punctuated by sinister unidentified buildings and distant motorways. Ambient washes and sci-fi movie memories with a synth-pop interlude. SIDE 20 — TRANZMIT: Deep Video. Film dialogue and Star Trek sound FX. YouTube video collage and movie trailer audio. Retro television commercials. Public transit, elevator and busker field recordings re-mixed. Augmented vocoder demonstration video audio. Spam emails read by text-to-speech and modified Bach. Voice synthesized random phrase generator and Twitter and Facebook updates. Digitally synthesized zen monks.


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