Goaty Tapes

Siobhan/Mud Brick Couch CS
Side A is Siobhan aka Travis Galloway (Traag, All Gone Records): Extended rhythms and crusty atmospherics loitering at mid-tempo. There’s some soulfulness here, but Siobhan injects it with gonzo adolescence — boneheaded loops smooshed together like some late-wave Spawn vs. Ghost Rider. For huffed-out goons with illustrated porn. Side B is MBC aka Jarrod Zlatic (Fabulous Diamonds, Redundancy Tapes): Eerie pulses and radio transmissions stippled with drips and smears. MBC nabs that liminal space between house party ambience and modern compozishon, liquidating grooves and lending them a heady abstraction that offsets Siobhan’s scumtown bung.


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