Teflon Beast

Chris Daily – ‘The Music of Yesterday: 2004-2005’
pic1As part of the Teflon Beast family, musician, producer, and noted hermit Chris Daily suddenly and unexpectedly released the beginnings of a retrospective multi-volume archival project via his own Bandcamp. Going back to 4-track cassette tapes made between ’04 & ’05 when he was in his early teens, Daily has compiled a breathtakingly expansive work of a staggering pop prodigy. From riffing on a crude loop of music inspired by Madonna, “Everybody’s High But Me,” to imagining the standard “April in Paris” as if recorded for Pet Sounds using a mix of Midi and acoustical instrumentation, Daily’s pop prowess is one of the great unheard musical catalogs of the do-it-yourself set.

Chris Daily – ‘Song Calendar Vol. 1’
pic2Not content to be merely an “oldies” act, Daily has been working tirelessly this year on a massive holiday music project titled “Song Calendar.” The first volume of 2014’s holidays, some more well-known than others naturally, are now available in this set of esoteric pop music. Highlights include “It’s No Fun When You’re the Grammar Police,” “Blue Yodel,” and the wry “PI Song.” Stay tuned for more holiday related music on Teflon Beast and look for volume two in time for Christmas.


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