Teflon Beast

Geoff – ‘Ideomotorfinger’
pic1Unique releases available now from Teflon Beast in the form of two surreal, comedy ebooks. The first is titled Ideomotorfinger and the work is a collection of short prose pieces ostensibly written by/compiled by different members of a group of close associates, both as personal memoirs and fictional tales explaining their times together and apart. The main voices in the book belong to Franklin Randall Marsh, Famine McCoy, Cornelius McCoy, Dugan Jinx, and Veronica Disco (aka Mrs. McCoy). Each individual is a writer and a character in each part of the narrative. There isn’t an end to this story either. Since every section is told from different (sometimes multiple) perspectives, the events are infinite. By the end of the book characters are using previously written texts to explain themselves. 82 pages.

Geoff – ‘Anxious American Worm’
pic2The second bizarre ebook is a slimmer volume which at one time was subtitled “Observational Humor” because the author considers the compositions to tangentially relate to passing observations made by an unnamed, pretentious & nutty narrator. 36 pages. Geoff offers new guitar & synth improvisations along with each book PDF. Download the track(s) and receive the book. $6.99.


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