Second Sleep

DRUG AGE – ‘abandoned geography’ one-sided LP
A long, single track developing the relation between geography and drugs, the various interaction and how they changed the environment. “Following up the immense Dyslexic Action 4xCS set, the duo consisting of Matteo Castro and Francesco Tignola is back with the 18-minute long one-sider Abandoned Geography. Elevating and absolutely lovely broken noise
from the combined efforts of Napoli and Conegliano. Matteo Castro’s Lettera 22 coming to mind when it comes to the fidelity and execution of the rich, beautiful textures, while you can sense Francesco Tignola somewhat cruder approach from his Elisha Morningstar project in the actual composition of things. Working with a rich palette of sounds, Abandoned Geography is a relentless odyssey into pure noise bliss, ranging from fast and chaotic electronic whirlwinds distorted to pieces via blown-out acoustic sounds to low-frequency moments of collapsed and fried gear. It has that wonderful anything-goes feeling where it feels like the errors and mistakes in the recording process has just been left in the final mix as they are, thus making them a natural part of the whole package in a cocky but genial manner. Another intense harsh noise scorcher, this may very well be one of the finest efforts these gentlmen respectively has been responsible for.” Matthias Andersson.Edition of 120.

EXOTERIC CONTINENT – ‘moviments/oposici’ 2xCS
Barcelona’s Arnau Sala Saez (Veiled, Anomìa) offer four side of foggy and minimal industrial slabs for analog synth and magnetic tapes tension, exploring the territory which is constricted between ambient soundscapes and dry beat research. Edition of 90.


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