HEROIN IN TAHITI – ‘Canicola’ C38
heroin in tahiti animal psi*Black* Cassette. Cover printed on *Risograph* Edition of *100 *copies. Raw experiment in “neorealist psychedelia” by spaghetti-wasters *Heroin In Tahiti*from *Rome*, “*Canicola*” is dedicated to the sun, the obsessive superstitions and the golden yellow grain of Italy as portrayed by anthropologist* Ernesto De Martino *in legendary essays such as “South and Magic” and “The Land of Remorse”. Side *A* is a long, hallucinatory track which evokes the tyrannic heath and the mourning chants of a Mediterranean summer among ruins, olive trees and abandoned churches. Side B is composed by five short tracks which heavily rely on Italian folklore and include samples of *Alan Lomax* and *Diego Carpitella*’s field recordings in Southern Italy during the 50s. A cassette-only release, “Canicola” makes you SWEAT. One of the most intriguing and freaked out things Heroin In Tahiti made so far: for fans of Sun City Girls, Italian Occult Psychedelia, Savage Republic… and Heroin In Tahiti, of course.


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