Hairy Spider Legs

Jackie McDowell – ‘Baptisia’ LP $15
baptisia-100xJackie McDowell’s music exists outside of the normal spectrum of time and space. She is at once an enchantress a thousand years old, a quiet, psychic child of four singing in the shadows, and a lucid dreamer. Releasing music since 2009 as Inez Lightfoot and in the projects Sun Cycles and WaterFinder, her work has continued to transverse the sphere of the mysterious unknown, but now emerges with a new voice that is immediately spellbinding. Luscious organ and vocals emerge from the darkness. Birds, beautifully weird drones, and abstract sounds gently unfold and carry us to the light. She eases us in so that our eyes aren’t too stunned by her bright, transfixing voice. It’s no surprise that Jackie is a practicing Herbalist; her music concocts a similar alchemy. Quietly humble and imaginative, she is nestled in Pittsburgh, but originally she hails from rural Illinois. As a child-loner with wild ideas and visions, she found in folk music and nature an alluring companion, and so she planted her roots. She is well versed in American folk music, and like the hues in a vintage color photo, her favorites such as Sandy Denny, Linda Perhacs, and Bridget St. John color her songs. Jackie’s powers are medicinal, ancient, and ever new. She travels where very few are allowed; We just happen to be carried on her wings, and so we arrive safely to this astonishing, esoteric plane.


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