Human Adult Band – ‘Trash Pickin’’ 7”
Trash PickinHere is the third 7” of the newest and most exciting group in the last five years.  Human Adult Band represent the biggest single departure of conventional music form today.  Thousands of you who have seen them perform and who have made this 7” possible, know very well that Human Adult Band are the foundation of the new music revolution.  For those who have not as yet experienced the “psychedelic” sounds, we invite you to listen and become part of a re-creation. Human Adult Band started out in New Brunswick, NJ (Court Tavern) and soon had taken over the minds and imagination of the critics, poets, writers, artists, “groupies”, record executives, disk jockeys and even Bedford Ave, Brooklyn.  Their following continues to grow in size, above ground as well as underground.  While playing the Chessmate Club in Detroit, over 7000 people came, in just twelve days, which is staggering considering the club’s capacity of 300.  The Adults have a heavy schedule of concerts, one nighters, a tour of England and Japan to keep them busy for the next six months.  We are also busy preparing their fourth 7”, due largely to the success of this one.  It will be a split 7” with the unstoppable Big Blood from Portland, Maine.  We’ve called this the ‘Trash Pickin’’ 7” because after one good pick you’ll be pickin’ for more and more and more of the incredible Human Adult Band!! BOB WYLD. First 50 copies available at 1990’s prices.  Order for $3 from www.dihd.net.  $5 thereafter.


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