Hospital Productions

CLAY RENDERING – ‘fire is fall’s rose’ 7″
on the title track lonely guitar, voice, and accordion hang in an empty space that slowly closes in on itself and opens into a bombastic finale. The piano-centered hypnosis of “red roots” finishes things off under ghostly calm waves. like swans meets tor lundvall. edition of 300.

debut release from london’s shallow sanction. a refreshing but authentic take on the lineage referencing bands such as early christian death, amebix, and conflict. shallow sanction rejects the otherwise ‘in the red’ and overly distorted approach of recent years for a more honest, stripped down and raw gothic punk sorely missing from many of their contemporaries. an aggressive, ‘only man left’ feel runs through the ep. an isolated and anthemic voice echo’s along cold rainy drums and bloody nose bass, accented by the unusual introduction of effects and smartly placed electronics along the way in an otherwise skeletal and frightfully nuts and bolts morbid punk sound. shallow sanction evokes a nihilistic, apocalyptic, youthful, urban mentality set in old london coiling in on itself. edition of 300.

LUSSURIA – immemorial – 2CS
superior drone ambient. edition of 65.

DUAL ACTION – ‘sex toys’ 2CS
crazy road beats. edition of 65.

VATICAN SHADOW – ‘death is unity with god’ 6CS
militant religious industrial. edition of 100.


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