Gods on Safari – ‘Abjuration of the Realm/▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯▯’ split C60
GodsonthA split of two albums created by Bronx, New York electronic musician Keenan Houser. Influenced by a variety of traditional genres worldwide, song structures are formed around specific selections of orchestral arrangements improvising with unpredictable rhythms and a frenzied storm of electronic and virtual instruments.

||:temor:|| – ‘Bilabial Jabiru’ C60
TemorthWithin the album’s hour long run time, which emphasizes psychedelic indifference to the ever-sensitive passing of time, the listener can expect to graze through ambient sample-lathed relaxation, extract new-found definition in the likes of broken beat hip-hop, and then be left to contemplate the fabric of sound before being jarred out of that meditative cycle. Inspired by the history of recording (from the dusty reaches of Smithsonian archives, to laser-guided machine style consistency of “four-on-the-floor”) ll:temor:ll embraces the challenges and limitations that come with working with both tape and digital recorders, professional and plastic toy microphones, and found or produced samples.


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