Sonic Meditations

SM055 KÖHN – ‘Moon Rabbit’ CS
SM055CS.inddThis tape consists of edits, four different live shows that I played in 2012. ‘Impoverization’ and ‘Too little people in a too little room’ were recorded in Ghent, the city I live in. ‘The Jorgmund Pipe’ was recorded in Brussels, Belgium, on an evening I shared the stage (or rather the floor of the house, since it was a house concert) with the wonderful ‘Embryo’. The title is taken from the novel ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Nick Harkaway, it’s the name of the pipe that encircles the post-apocalyptic world and that sprays FOX in order to create a ‘livable zone’. I recommend reading it. ‘Slaapstaat’ was recorded in Heerlen, Netherlands on an evening I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Pimmon. It was ten years ago we met for the first time, though it didn’t feel like that.” – Jürgen De Blonde Limited to 100 Cassettes + download.

SM056 AARON MARTIN – ‘Chapel Floor’ CS
SM056CS.inddA collection of 2 live radio performances. “Instruments are like money: when you use, something inside you is purchased. And like money, music resounds for a long time as aftermath. However unlike money, music is priceless, and that’s apothesis of Aaron Martin’s creations wholly. On “Chapel Floor”, “Piece 5″, Martin meanders in an opening reverie of satisfying loop, a hotspot for connectivity with the listener who just lets his or her mind wander. “Autism”, consequently, vies for attention with a special gift, the harmonica-esque ransom a bill poster for the positive aspects of cello.” – Fluid Radio Limited to 100 Cassettes + download.


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