KIKSGFR Cat No.013, Nacht und Nebel – ‘Teeth’ C40 £4
Nacht_und_Nebel_APSINacht und Nebel: Henry Davis is well respected and highly active in live performances in the small UK noise scene. Henry has supported and played host to many a well known noise artist passing through the UK in the last 6 years. Also playing drums with the ultra heavy Moloch (Feast of Tentacles), prolific in split LP releases in recent years. Only cello as a sound source is used in Henry’s work twisted beyond recognition Everything recorded in mono and gritting and grinding textures and evolutions.

KIKSGFR Cat No.012, YOL – ‘Metal Theft’ C20 £4
YOL_APSIYol: is somewhat of a legendary figure in the northern circuits of England. Happy to show his face anywhere between local art gallery sonic arts events to noise gigs in dive pubs, motorway underpasses and beyond. Using no technology aside from a handheld recorder Yol’s art is pure body expression, absolutely in the traditions of the classic avant-garde, yet with a glue bag, hardcore outlook, and of course, the twisted unpredictable tourettes.

GFR D Cat No.002, Kevin J Sanders – ‘Eyes in Glass’ C30 £4
Kevin_J_Sanders_APSIKevin J Sanders: Very well respected drone artist within the UK scene. Active in live performances and particularly prolific in sought after short run, and beautifully crafted drone and textural works. Kevin is also very busy supporting fellow left field artists through his HxE label.The tracks here are low end analogue synth work outs.

KIKSGFR Cat No.010.2, Denton/Watson – ‘Latencies V – IX’ C60 £5
Latencies_APSIAdam Denton and Ian Watson present the second instalment of their Latencies project. Everything here has been recorded in live takes via remote recording set ups between Cardiff and Newcastle, assisted by Ben Freeth. Technology utilised comprises a series of triggering devices and custom-made ring modulators and other electronics. Adam has released through Blackest Rainbow on their live series with a vinyl pressing near completion with his TransHuman project on Sheffield’s Audacious Art Experiment in-house label. Ian is responsible for a large amount of self-released and other works in limited vinyl, tape and CD pressings and serves as a good source of handmade electronics for experimental artists around the UK.

GFR D Cat No.003, Murder Cult – ‘The Folly’ C17 £3
Murder_Cult_APSIMurder Cult: The work of Benjamin Hallatt, these recordings are live takes with only gongs and bells of various kinds. Easily mistaken to be a ‘dark’ project, this is not the case with the project title drawn from a fascination in spiritual concepts of self-liberation. Essentially these are completely minimal meditative works. Hallatt has predominantly self-released works on vinyl, tape and CD in the last 10 years, with his early work in defining the sonic palette for the UK band Swimming now licensed to the Tummy Touch label.


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