Rubber City Noise

Wyld Stallyns – ‘Rules’ C60
rcn1e-14-2_wyldstallynsInfinity Series Cassette C60 (Edition of 50) Rules is the debut album from Wyld Stallyns, the Northeast Ohio power duo of Ben Osborne (Fire Death, Rot Ton Bone, Tusco / Embassy) and Curt Brown (Black Unicorn, Cane Swords, RCN). Comprised of recordings captured in 2013 during jams at the Black Cat Factory in Cleveland — Rules is antithetical and declarative in title, both an homage to fictional band namesakes and a forward movement toward new realms of sonic expression. The tracks here are composed primarily with clarinet, synthesizer, guitar, and electronic processing and traverse a diverse topography recalling electro-acoustic and synthesizer musics alongside free jazz and American Primitivism. The terrain is uncharted and the framework is malleable, but one thing is certain… Wyld Stallyns Rules. Presented in a limited edition of fifty RCN Infinity Series c60 cassettes in oversize album case w/ double sided art, insert, & digital download.

Mousecop – ’20 Years of Mousecop, 1987-2007: The Wild Years’ CDr
rcn1e-14-1_mousecopInfinity Series CDr (Edition of 50). Second release from Mousecop duo of Curt Brown (Black Unicorn, Cane Swords) & Joshua Novak (Faangface, Griefhound). Behold the face of insectoid symphony! The move over sandwich in clamshell clearings! That’s the old trick there, and this one is the magnificent “other” — yet be not wary for dualism is an illusion and your position as a polyp on pediment of grained past is secured in wholesome holistics and the plural is just to make the game fun! So go on and divide you steeped amoeba and gather no dust in yr travel but always watch out fr magnets. [insert witchcraft denial and burrito bumble] [remove effervescent conclusions in eye of amber fossil] [transmute cathode soul to unbearable glow] Presented in an Infinity Series limited edition of 50 handmade CDrs w/ baby hand and heavy stock art card.

Faangface – ‘Pholk’ C47
rcn014_faangfaceCassette C47 (Edition of 100). The long-awaited debut from Joshua Maxon Novak’s (Mousecop, Griefhound, XXX Super Arcade) concrète folk conjuration, Faangface. Hyperdimensional folk portraits soaked in ether and Robotussin, carried by wandering ectoplasmic golems through melting landscapes, then smashed into infinity just to hear the sound of the breaking. Voice, guitar, banjo, harmonica, flute, percussion, children’s toys, found sound samples, and the like mingle at a midnight gathering in the dark woods amid glossolalia incantations and strange lights. Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed/imprinted cassettes (c47) w/ digital download.

Kösmonaut – ‘Paragon’ C37
rcn013_kosmonautCassette C37 (Edition of 100) Texan kosmische ambassador and sometime spacefarer, Kösmonaut delivers two sides of interstellar synth soundscapes. Swirling textures make way for staccato arpeggiations of spaceship exhaust while militant drum machine robots embark on HAL 9000 holiday somewhere in the OG Stargate planetary system. Meanwhile, Snake Plissken and a band of space pirates hijack the ship, pulsing waves that disrupt the Carpenter-Howarth continuum and Froese forcefield. Limited edition of 100 pro-dubbed/imprinted cassettes (c37) w/ digital download.

Mousecop – ‘Greatest Hits Volume 2’ C45
rcn1e-12_mousecopInfinity Series Cassette C45 (Edition of 50). Debut tape from Mousecop sees the duo of Joshua Novak (Faangface,Griefhound) and Curt Brown (Black Unicorn, Cane Swords) going beyond thunderdome. Organic, synthetic, and processed sounds mingle in the uncanny valley, briefly forming structures dismantled by strange flickers of hypnosis and dream. 45 minutes of weird rhythms and drones, looping patterns of voice, synthesizer, guitar, flute, and samples amid spinning ouroboroses and mise en abyme drones from strange caterpillars inching across the void. Limited edition of 50 Infinity Series cassette w/ digital download & insert.

Andrew Weathers – ‘Sings Praise, Glory, Make a Way, Hallelujah’ CDr
rcn1e-11_andrew-weathersInfinity Series CDr (Edition of 100) After last year’s split tape with Ancient Ocean, we were absolutely enthralled by Andrew’s take on the American folk song and asked him to put together a release for the RCN Infinity Series. Accompanied by hypnotic guitar work that evokes an American Primitivism awash with the droning beauty of the transcendent now, Sings…focuses further upon the voice as instrument, communicator, invoker. Beginning with the voice, Sings…, carefully ushers in bare elements of guitar, banjo, harmonica, concertina, all toward reverberant timelessness and droning fulfillment. Available in a limited edition of 100 CDs in package designed and handmade by RCN’s Ram Youssefi.


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