LAYNE GARRETT – ‘winter tape 2014’ C36
layne garrett 100x100Improvisations on prepared resonator guitar and prepared electric guitar. It is all about rhythm (loose but insistent) and texture; occasionally wavering melodies sneak in. Sometimes subtle and sometimes totally blown out. Something like the blues is hiding in there somewhere. Recorded direct to cassette using a variety of mic-ing techniques, winter 2014. Hand-painted covers.

WEED TREE – ‘[] [] [] [] []’ C62
weed tree cover 100x100Improvised drums and guitar from Washington DC duo of Amanda Huron and Layne Garrett. Live recordings from 2012-3. Goes everywhere from a minimal no-wave vibe to fancy free-improv textural explorations to ecstatic flailing. Hand-inked covers. Edition of 50.


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