Geology Records

Birds_100x100 Fassbinders-Earthworm_100x100 North-Col-One_100x100

STRATA01 North Col – ‘One’ C45 $5
on purple cassettes – Edition of 25. Late night feedback laced jams from Milwaukee, WI. Sometimes meditative, sometimes walls of noise.

STRATA02 Disguised as Birds – ‘We Buy Gold’ C40 $5
on pro dubbed/imprinted yellow cassettes – Edition of 100. Disguised as Birds final EP. Nice and heavy indie sounds from Milwaukee, WI along the likes of Jawbox, Shiner, Fugazi, etc.

STRATA03 The Fassbinders – ‘Earthworm’ C55 $5
on pro dubbed/imprinted orange cassettes – Edition of 100 – Earthworm jumps from psych to country to druggy pop with some garage tossed in for good measure. From Madison and Milwaukee, WI.


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