Unread Records

#140 – Will Simmons & The Upholsterers  – ‘Innuendo: the Italian Way’ LP $10
innuendo-album-cover1Long play vinyl record of gut stomp and short breaths from Simmons and his group. High end spillage and lead guitar riffage that makes your malarky seem like old heart hash. Snappy drum and trombone blurt to boot your old wings into beating for the new day. These songs sing to a distant dawn. Co-released with Almost Halloween Time records out of Italy, in an edition of 300 with screened covers. includes digital download.

#132 – The Debts – ‘College Girl (single)’ 7″ lathe $10
2 songs packed on a single sided clear square lathe cut, jiggered out and greased up good. One semi-sing-along, coupled with a banter collage that aches for its own freedom. Grand overblown prose and stiff. limited to only 35 copies, which also includes  a book of trash collage put together by yours truly from various scraps and garbage sent in correspondence.

#151 – Eloine – ‘Brillo Hedge Maze’ CS $5
Bryan Days long lasting project of hand-made sculpture and music machines comes back into focus on a new unread cassette that brings forth a healthy heap of displacement. Crunch and dust rockets – odd concrete heat and blackmarket plasma stolen from the back of a truck. Sullen sounds of clink an puss and pluss and huss really reminds me of something being tempered.

#150 – ‘Poisoned Wine: 19 Years of Unread Recordscompilation CS $5
poisonwineThe soundtrack to a dying decay.  
recorded live at the Sweatshop Galley, Omaha, NE – for UNREAD JUNKFEST #19 – mixed and mastered from reel to reel tapes and various mic set ups around the gallery by C. Mcalister and C. Dailey. It feels as bad as a  slap on the wrist, and sounds just as pleasant as a nod from a gentle uncle. Warped and overblown tape and field recordings made that night (nov. 9th 2013) cuckold the glue as its mixed and mastered and jutted into the abyss. A co-release with the great Spew Geyser – in unlimited editions for all prosperity to take hold and hook to…was a pretty good time. Hear for yourself. Live performances from : Charlie Mcalister, Simon Joyner, David Kenneth Nance, Nathan Ma, Furniture Huschle, Spirit Duplicator, I Am The Lake of Fire,  William Wesley & The Tiny Sockets, Hossflesh and Church of Gravitron. Plus other mysterious spew.


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