Truco Esparrago

GRASSA DATO – ‘Despojo Humano’ CS
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter his ambitious work with Incapacitans, the psychedelic noisy forays in Grasstro, or his participation in groups such as Abductores, Gur Bruo or We Are The Hunters, fireproof Grassa Dato returns to its essence: the dirtiest dark path of Spanish harsh noise. “Despojo Humano” is his most primitive work to date. Recorded live with analog tapes, Grassa delivers 8 tracks full of grime and violence: torn apart vocals, brief industrial incursions and rubbish, tons of rotting piles of dirt. The A side of the tape consists of 7 micro-tracks, with a lenght between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. The B side is devoted to a single track, a noisy ambient litany of dismal. “Despojo Humano” comes in a professional cassette with 8 tracks and 24 minutes of noise, in a limited edition of 21 copies.


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