Sloow Tapes

Allen Ginsberg – ‘London Mantra’ C45
Solo recordings of Allen Ginsberg playing a small hand-pumped harmonium from India and singing mantras and songs to the cosmos. These recordings were made in the early seventies by the American poet and bibliographer George Dowden. From the vaults of Gerard Bellaart’s Cold Turkey Press (who also made the cover). 100 copies.

Hiiragi Fukuda – ‘Seacide’ C50
Hiiragi Fukuda nails it again. ‘Seacide’ starts off with some trippy and fucked-up synth mayhem and ends up with long spaced-out guitar soloing on top of endless drumloop boogie. 100 copies.

Hans Plomp & Eddie Woods – ‘Poëzie Als Wapen’ C60
In September 1978, Amsterdam hosted a major international literary gathering at three of the city’s hippest venues for an entire week, bringing together some 40 shamanic and visionary poets from Europe, North America, and Asia. Known as P78, it was the first of the late Benn Posset’s several One World Poetry festivals and numerous other events. Later that year the poets Hans Plomp and Eddie Woods compiled and presented a one-hour program featuring recorded highlights from that momentous happening that was aired on Dutch national radio. It includes on-scene recitations by the likes of Brion Gysin, Patti Smith, Michael Brownstein, Lewis MacAdams, Harry Hoogstraten, Simon Vinkenoog, Ira Cohen, Mignon van Ingen, Magic Mike Taylor, the rock & roller Herman Brood, and many others. Both the program and the festival might best be summed up in Eddie Woods’ words: “A world/of imprisoned minds/needs anarchy now.” Bilingual edition of 100 copies.

Razen – ‘Rim Saraband’ C40
Esoteric improvisations deeply rooted in medieval, world and folk music. This Brussels duo plays an impressive variety of traditional instruments (santur, bombus, bouzouki, psalterium, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy etc) in transcendental dimensions. Has Bryan Lewis Saunders reciting on one track. 80 copies.


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