Gnar Tapes & Shit/Lolipop Records

GNAR137/LPOP065 Love Cop – ‘Pop Magick Is Real’ CS
Love Cop - Pop Magick Is Real J Card FrontLast year Gnar Tapes introduced the world to Love Cop; Portland’s best, raddest, darkest, silliest, stoned-est Stoner Goth band in years. Throughout 2013, Love Cop released three (3) cassettes (including one Gnar/Burger Records split), toured the Western US twice (2x), flew to play at the Gnar Tapes SXSW showcase in Austin, TX, and produced five (5) music videos. And with every release, every show, and every video, Love Cop songs and sound seem to get more and more realized. Now with their 1st cassette of 2014 (and 4th cassette for Gnar Tapes, 1st for Lolipop) they prove that sentiment to be truer than ever. Everything you love about Love Cop but presented bigger, brighter, cleaner, and stronger. Love Cop is a duo (Duffy Rongiiland, Phil Salina) who grew up together in Long Island, NY, and while Duffy has been writing and performing music for most of his life, Love Cop is Phil’s first time ever making music in any way. They are both adult men, but play music in an earnest and honest way that only comes with a youthful spirit, and a personal connection that is based on a deep rooted friendship, and an obvious mutual fascination with lo-fi pop music. Bands this prolific and young rarely express their growth and identity as organically and linearly as Love Cop, and “Pop Magick Is Real” is LC’s finest, most focused album yet. Ghosts haunting girls in the shower, sex in the basement, secret messages; Love Cop.


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