Dub Ditch Picnic

1971.046 Kindest Cuts s/t C20/CDr
Kindest Cuts is Patrick Short. He’s been doing various thing with Under Pressure, This Hisses, and Electric Candles – but Kindest Cuts is what he was born to do. From the John Carpenteresque opening to the dark synth pop residing underneath, every second of this ep is solid gold. RIYL – DM. Ed. of 100 cassettes w DL. CDR version – 50 copies – 35 went out promo to radio.

1971.045 Highway X – ‘See Thru Into’ C30
Victoria’s Babysitter have a good relationship with us DDP folk… we’re even releasing their stuff before we know we are releasing their stuff (long story) – this is BB member Andy Vanier’s solo project. After a self released first tape.. we got to kick this one around. A bit noisy, loopy, and tropical, S.T.I. is a great ‘otherside’ of this r ‘n’r wildman. Ed. of 40 w DL.

1971.044 JLK Babysitter – ‘Live Montreal SS’ C80
Last year we did a tape of JLK and Babysitter it was super cool. Then the crew hooked up with Jane in Montreal and did a bonkers set with Frank Hobo Cubes/Cult on Sax. I was on it and released the entire set as a dbl A side 80 min tape. Lose your mind in the bong haze burn yr face on the death rays. Ed. of 40 w/ DL.

1971.035 Krautheim II – ‘Die Tauschende Optik’ C50
This one was a looooooooong time in the making. We did the original Krautheim in our first year – we loved them and they loved us so when they came with new tracks HOW COULD WE SAY NO?? Super krautrock from the Fatherland so it slays more than anything else in the world. We’ll keep this on in print for a while… it’s so fucking good. Ed. of 40 w/ DL.

PF057 Kvik – ‘Hiss Pulses & Grit’ C30
For the last of the Prairie Fire run we asked Winnipeg’s newest harsh noisician to do what he does best. Kvik is Montreal transplant Simon Thibaudeau- who will prob be running back to Quebec after this horrible winter… Pretty straight forward here – minimalism meeks harsh noise – asses are kicked, ears are exploited, futures are ruined. All in a days work in Winnipeg Noise. Ed. of 40 w/ DL

PF058 Greenhouse – ‘Cold Wires’ C60
Our fourth Greenhouse tape in four years. Great drones from Winnipeger Curran Faris. Curran’s been having a great year – playing not only the Send and Receive Festival but also the WSO’s New Music festival along side Glenn Branca. Exciting. Ed. of 40 w/ DL

PF059 Solar Coffin – ‘Cold Furnace’ C60
Of the 100+ tapes I have released, this is one I am most excited about. Super synth builders Fletcher Pratt and Erik Larsen have been combining their love of early industrialism, kosmiche, noise, and modular synth into one of the most dynamic and exciting duos to emerge since Chico and the Man. Two earlier tapes on Midori records have been more noise/experimental focused.. for Cold Furnace I asked the boys to tape into their inner Cyborg and Kraut it up a bit. They delivered heavilyc Ed. of 40 w/ DL.

PF060 Marcus Rubio (Rooms) c30
I had all but washed my hands of Prairie Fire when this came my way. After hearing what Marcus had put together with noise abstractions and pop music I had to make an exception and make this the final PF release. Check it out.. no hyperbole to say this is the best way to go out. Ed. of 40 w/ DL.


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