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Plastic Uno (band) – ‘Orgy of Sweetness: Unology’
unologyWho is the Plastic Uno (band)? You are NOT the Uno (band). In short, PU(b) is a conglomerate of eccentric home-tapers from Texas. A duo mainly, but open to all noisemakers here and there, they go by many names, Ted & Charlie…Professor Platypus & Blas Famous…etc., etc. Orgy of Sweetness: Unology represents a handful of amusing tracks recorded by PU(b) from their beginnings in 2004 (“Bring Back Billy Yule” and “I Have Huge Glasses”) to their tentative reformation in 2013 (“Meat Lake Saga” and “Octopus Wrangler”). Stylistically the group adhere to traits reminiscent of many home-fi weirdos from R. Stevie Moore, Half Japanese, The Residents…you get the picture…So giddy-up now and sample the compilation of an outsider rock enthusiasts dreams (or is that nightmares?)


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