Passive Aggressive Tapes

various – ‘25 Minutes Of Trance Classics
25thumbnailPassive Aggressive returns with an array of artists, who bring their creative juices to the table in the midst of the gritty world of power electronics. From the very harsh to the mystically numb, ’25 Minutes Of Trance Classics’ has something for everyone, and heaps of alienation for anybody expecting ‘trance hits’. On side 1, Transpire make a guest appearance with an unusual piece. Breakbeats begin to collapse on themselves, and what at first seems a calm journey through surges of synthesis erupts into a devastating drone attack from another dimension. The rest of the side presents us with two contrasting works – a look through the window out at a mechanical garden with Bliss, and a furious debut from Hyrax. On side 2, C.T.A.N returns with the job of re-working Bliss’s piece, juxtaposing something a little unexpected with solemn drones. Next is a reverb-coated acoustic number from Circa Cologne, cryptic lyrics take the listener through a thought provoking six minute journey. To conclude, C.D.T.M bring you a haunting piece. As a repetitive vocal and wild breakbeats remind you of your ‘problems’, the listener is continually knocked off-track with crackling synth meltdowns.”


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