Lips Infection

Lip 23 Hinyouki – ‘Hainyou’ CDr
hinyoukiFrom an extremely sweet rawness, “Hainyou” (a Japanese noun that means urination or micturition) is wrapped with her very own harsh intensity. Using constant acrimonious flirtations, some hoarse loops, this abstract noise work grabs you and holds on the experience of a goldenshower. Its brusque and dry beginnings gradually become a exalted force, his strident euphony slightly hidden in aggression is frontal and succumb slowly to the end. An extreme and enjoyable listening of good-old abstract harsh noise pushed to the limits for pleasure & sadism’s shake! Released in white dvd-case. Limited Edition of 25 copies.

Lip 24 Naturalismo – ‘Interno’ CDr
naturalismoMaximalist ambient. Yes-input feedback. Subtractive synthesis. Shallow listening. Circuit-mending. Altered statuses. Reverb romanticism. Narrative LFOs. Digital palimpsests. Filter massage. Hardware phenomenology. Three movements from the Inside. Released in silver dvd-case. Limited Edition of 25 copies.

Lip 25 Ana Venus – ‘Born To Be Wild’ CDr
ana venusMichelle Wild was the brightest star on the sky of Hungarian golden age porn. Acid eyes, beautiful nose, sweet vagina. ‘Born to be wild’ is an obeisance to her films that were masturbated to by a generation. Ana Venus’ tribute album makes you remember the liters of sperm she swallowed while you are listening to a harsh, psychedelic trip with moans and screams till you ejaculate on your speakers. Released in white dvd-case. Limited Edition of 25 copies.

Lip 26 Abisyeikah/Venta Protesix split 7″ lathe-cut
abisyeikahventaprotesixWithin the scientific literature the term pinku noise is sometimes loosely used to refer to any noise with a power spectral density of the form: loli / midi x distortion. Lips Infection proudly presents a double-faced 7” etched with two theorems on pinku noise: Abisyeikah (JP) calculates the probability of extracting hallucinogenic effects from collage of youtube videos and stuttering MIDI files; Venta Protesix (ITA) plots the asymptotic limit of legality by embedding lolicore into computer-simulated cities. Released on 7″ lathe cut with screenshots of the messages received from the pressing plants who have refused to press this record for the rape sample contained in the Venta Protesix’s track. Limited Edition of 12 copies but this release is already cult.


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