Teflon Beast

Plastic Uno (band) – ‘Nu No (wave)’ DL
Uno EP picCelebrate TBR’s 20th release with a free download! Plastic Uno (band) is at their noisiest & most raw with this trio of fire tunes. The EP is conceptually built from a thirty-minute plus electric guitar improv duel between Lt. T. and Uno guest, Geoff Box Canyon (the artist formerly known as “Gary Busdriver”). After recording their improv, the epic was edited and sounds were turned into loops and riffs. Lt. T. then recorded a supreme bass line upon which more sounds were added. Three compositions were thusly created from one. Podcast friend Rusty Martin adds narration too (“Bloat”)! Enjoy this free set and look forward to more music from PU(b) coming soon.


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