CEDRIC DAMBRAIN – ‘Subjective Slave’ CD €13
subslave_main_sq_mailSubjective Slave is the debut album by Cedric Dambrain. Moving away from his early work as a composer of music for instruments with live electronics, he delivers ten tracks of computer- generated material spanning a wide sonic palette, from anarchic electronics to surgical otoacoustic synthscapes (sounds emitted in the inner ear by a vibration of the cochlea). As the record’s title refers to human beings’ inclination to create themselves the conditions of their own alienation, the music oscillates between sound as (outer) phenomena and sound as (inner) experience, transforming the listener’s body into the space of the perception. Happening simultaneously inside and outside, the context of the listening becomes a place for self-knowledge and ecstasy. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering. Edition of 500 handnumbered copies. Packaged in a deep black foil bag, with a 15×15 cm printed visual featuring all the dark secrets your pareidolic visions may shape.


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