Masters Chemical Society

Nerve Net Noise – ‘Magnetic Breath’
Japanese three-legged race by Tagomago (mix, effects) and Kumax (homemade synthesizer, sax). Nerve Net Noise are known for their fascinating broken rhythm patterns for oscillators, featured on releases by Intransitive and Staalplaat. On Magnetic Breath, they balance the electronic sounds with the inclusion of alto saxophone for the first time. Elliptical orbits and splintering reeds. Edition of 100.

Christopher DeLaurenti – ‘Phonopolis: Urban Field Recordings vol. 1’
Exploring Seattle, Chicago, Montreal, and New York with a microphone and an open ear, DeLaurenti records poetic confluences of ambient sounds, music, speech, and human activity. These unedited documents of aural dérive capture hand-cranked phonographs, thrumming office buildings, an army of flutes, Hong Kong supermarket bustle, and a battle between competing rave tents. Edition of 60.

Matt Shoemaker – ‘The Late Day Spectrum’
Fans will recognize his deep collages of layered field recordings and modular synthesis from releases on Elevator Bath, Mystery Sea, Trente Oiseaux and The Helen Scarsdale Agency. What they won’t expect is the overt beauty of “Eclipse”, swelling clusters of strings that evolve from pastoral to a more ambiguous filigree. Descend the spectrum of fading daylight into “Sleep Maze”, where we explore netherworld forests and moonlit coasts. Superlative work by Shoemaker, evoking saturated Pacific Northwest evenings and tangled internal geographies. Edition of 100.


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