Mantile #024 – Posset – ‘Goose Shat Silver Dollars’ C45 £5
tapescan_posset_smallAs for the Goose Shat Silver Dollars, well I was in rural Lincoln visiting my brother who lives down that way. We were having a drink in some country pub (village green, duck pond etc) and all these geese were honking round shitting like mad. I mean really going for it. There were gleaming piles of shit everywhere. And the thing is, goose shit appears to be silver when it first comes out. Stubby silver cylinders like a roll of silver dollars. Tape/Dictaphone Music, Home Recordings. Artwork by Daniel Ward.

Mantile #025 – Simon Werner – ‘The European Manga Demon Looses His tapescan_swerner_smallHead In The Face Of Flowers And Other Suspicious Anthropomorphism’ C25 £5
The European Manga Demon Looses His Head In The Face Of Flowers And Other Suspicious Anthropomorphism is a 3 track polemic – Tracks A1 and B look towards the thematic and visual complexities that manga as art form has to offer, whilst condemning the desexualised, banal morality of disney & co. productions. Track A2 offers reflections on image blogs. Speculative monologues set to lifted and warped beats.


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